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The Dalgety Group of companies was founded in 1993 in Georgetown Guyana.
"Dalgety Agri Products", the first Guyana based operation, exported dried herbs in bulk to Europe and North America as well as Pineapples to the Tourist Islands of the Caribbean.

2001 saw the formation of "Dalgety Caribbean Products".This subsidiary was formed to introduce Caribbean condiments, Extra! Extra! Hot pepper sauce and natural health drinks, such as Noni.

2007 Dalgety commissioned a factory in Jamaica in order to position itself closer to farming supplies in the Caribbean. The Packaging operations were closed in 2010 due to operational issues leaving only a buying and marketing office in Jamaica.

2010- In keeping with its passion for new product development and to increase the rewards associated with the successful and revolutionary Instant Ginger Tea, Dalgety launched Instant Lemon, Instant Ginseng and Ginseng&Ginger Teas to the market.

2011 Dalgety group re-organised its UK operation by creating an independent manufacturing operation to fully focus on new appropriate technologies and improved manufacturing effiencies . The group also created an independent marketing and brand development facility, closed its logistics/distribution operation and appointed Wanis Ltd as the Exclusive Distributors of Dalgety products in Europe.

2012 Dalgety purchased Peter Spratt production operations resulting in its daily production capability being increased from 1.2 million teabags per day to 3.4 million teabags per day.

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