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Motherland Spices is operated in Nashville Tennessee; where we blend, package and ship the products to individuals and stores nationwide.
Motherland Spices was founded based on our belief in cooking what you eat and enjoying what you cook.

Motherland Spices, typically known as “Mammydoro Seasonings,” are exotic herbs from the rain forests of Africa blended with other herbs found around the world. Our herbs and spices have no additives, no msg, no preservatives and no salt; they are all natural.

Due to the climate, mineral rich soil and abundant rainfall in parts of Africa, especially West Africa, the herbs and spices from Africa have a peculiar aroma compared to similar herbs from other parts of the world.

All our herbs from Africa are organic, as they are planted by small scale farmers who do not use fertilizers or chemicals. In addition, most of our herbs from Africa also have therapeutic and curative properties like ‘Prekese’ from Ghana & Cameroon. For example, when prekese is added to "pepper soup" for a nursing mother, the prekese accelerates blood flow, thus helping the nursing mother eliminate blood clots. Prekese is also applied to joints as an anti-inflammatory agent.

Our goal is to make cooking easier for everyone and we believe that good and tasty food starts with the right combination of herbs and spices. Our seasonings give food the right flavor and taste.

Our motto is: Eat Right. Feel Good. Live Well.

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